shoot to sell - smartphone videography and photography for real estate agents   
In just 1 day, you will learn a practical and effective method of shooting & editing professional looking listing videos and photos on your smartphone, with our flagship jumpstart course for realtors.

Who Do We Help?

New Realtors

Are you a new realtor ready to jumpstart your real estate career, but the cost of engaging a photographer or videographer is stopping you from shooting all your listings?

Seasoned Realtors

Are you are a seasoned realtor who is tired of media vendors who are either too inefficient or unable to shoot in the way that you want, that cause you to lose your deals before you can even list them?

Emerging Content Realtor

You are looking to kickstart your real estate content creation journey to build your online brand, and you just need someone to point you in the right direction.

Our courses are by practising professionals


Shoot to Sell - Real Estate

You know your smartphone is fully capable of capturing great videos, and would like to take advantage of the current video hype across social media channels, yet you don’t have the time to slowly learn through trial and error.

This is why I have put together this course, to help like-minded realtors like yourself, to learn through these practical and actionable steps to kick start your journey.

level up your career now

The course has been carefully designed to help new realtors to pick up media skills, so that they can get a headstart in their career, and to empower seasoned realtors to gain an edge over their peers who are not leveraging on smartphone technology to sell faster and price higher. In this course, you will learn the essential skills to take professional looking videos for your listing.

So if you want a no nonsense, quick jumpstart course that equips you with the necessary skills to get great videos for your listing, join me on this learning journey.

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